New Illustrations

Hi all, after finally settling into a new location, I completed some long overdue illustrations I've been wanting to do for my Lemurian collection. Please feel free to browse, and I will update with more products, results, and designs. These ones I like because of the blue color that I've been wanting to incorporate into my design. I completed them in the hopes that I will do much more in the future and play much more with this type of illustrations in the future, and be of service to you.

1B Formatted.jpg

The Lemurian Collection came to me while I was reading a book in December 2017. I was wondering what type of design I wanted it to be, and I found that I want something lively and relevant to my inner child and sense of innocence. I want something very true to being a child. In this world where we are expected to be so adult-like with our responsibilities, families, we often (if not all the time) become too hard on ourselves and 'forgot' our playfulness, childlikeness, and simply put, sense of joy. We gave away our power to others who defined our reality for us. But this Collection allowed me to simply Be. It allowed me to speak my truth. It asks me to be compassionate to the process and surrender. This Collection brings forth that lost aspect of ourselves, and I hope I will reveal much more to you in the future. 



A PLEASURE to have my 2015 SOLO SHOW in Boston!

A few pictures from the show!

Come stop by next time.


Pittsburgh Award


Super excited about receiving an award from the PITTSBURGH TECHNOLOGY COUNCIL!

For the ART & TECHNOLOGY category. 




Finished a few new small work

Have been playing around with a few smaller work. Excited to see how they came out.

Take a look in my 'Prints' section. And happy 2015 :)


Exhibited at LACDA (Los Angeles Center for Digital Art), July and September 2013


Visiting Artist Show & Artist Talk at Central Connecticut State University, 2013

8. CCSU 2 (BLOG).jpg

Emerging Artist Show at Concord Art Association, MA, 2012


RISD MFA Painting 2012 at Thomas Jaeckel Gallery, Chelsea NY, 2012

5. Thomas Jaeckel (BLOG).jpg

RISD MFA Thesis Exhibit, Rhode Island Convention Center, 2012

6. Grad Show '12 (BLOG)jpg.jpg

Group Exhibition at Gelman Gallery, 2012

4. Gelman (BLOG).jpg

Group Exhibition at Sol Koffler Gallery, 2011

3. Sol Koffler (BLOG).jpg

Collaboration piece with Kevin Zucker at the RISD Museum, 2010

2. Collision (BLOG).jpg

Graduate Painting Show at Woods Gerry Gallery, 2010

1. Woods Gerry (BLOG).jpg